The National Abyssinian Cat Rescue (NAR) is an Abyssinian breed rescue and education organization. It is formed by a group of dedicated Abyssinian cat lovers who have joined forces to help any Aby in distress anywhere/anytime.

With over 30 years of experience in aggregate, NAR members facilitate the rescue and rehoming of abandoned, lost or abused Abys in almost any type of situation. Its network extends from coast to coast. NAR also assists local Abyssinian rescue groups and cooperates with all rescue organizations around the nation.

If you have a distressed Aby, find one, or know about one, please contact us and we will do what we can to help.

Some examples of situations that have come up in the past are:

  • A terminally ill owner who needs his or her Aby or Abys rehomed
  • Elderly owners that can no longer care for a pet
  • Abuse or neglect situations
  • Lost and found Abys

Please contact us for help should you encounter a similar situation and you feel someone should intervene.

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National Abyssinian Rescue is a 501(3)C tax exempt organization in formation. Our Tax ID No. (TIN): 33-1030469

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Southern California contact
Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (SCAR)
Northern California contact
Before you look over the appealing Abys in rescue, please read over the link below. Are you prepared to devote the amount of time commitment to help the rescued Aby adjust to living with you?

How to help the adopted Aby adjust
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Recent adoptions

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Identifying an Aby

If you are interested in adopting a Somali click here.

The photo of the Aby at the top of this page is Lola, a Florida Aby, adopted in June, 2003 -- jump for joy.